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Hey you! Try my TBL workout!

Hey you! Try my TBL workout!

Lovely Charlotte, a journalist from news.com.au wanted to try a TBL workout...


…Ohhkkay, I thought. You do know that my contestants train, like they train really hard.


Charlotte said 'bring it'.




I brought it on the treaddy, gloves, boxing bag, bell and wall ball.


Charlotte kept it tidy and never quit. All I heard her say was ‘I love this!’


Hey Charlotte babe, you’re one fit chick! Thanks for playing with me – just let me know when you want to do it again.


To see the workout and train along with Charlotte click here or try the workout below.



3 rounds:

40 second treadmill sprints without turning the treadmill on, using the belt for resistance

Superset with 15 pull-ups under the treadmill

3 rounds:

400m sprint at 16km/h




15 8kg kettle bell swings

15 10kg wall balls

15 burpees

2 minutes boxing

14 8kg kettle bell swings

14 10kg wall balls

14 burpees


2 minutes boxing


13 8kg kettle bell swings

13 10kg wall balls

13 burpees


2 x 50m upright sled push with 30kg


12 8kg kettle bell swings

12 10kg wall balls

12 burpees


11 8kg kettle bell swings

11 10kg wall balls

11 burpees


10 8kg kettle bell swings

10 10kg wall balls

10 burpees

2 rounds

30 seconds boxing and kicking on the punching bag

20 sit-ups, wrapping legs around the punching bag

20 sit-ups pushing knees against Tiff to create resistance


9 8kg kettle bell swings

9 10kg wall balls

9 burpees


8 8kg kettle bell swings

8 10kg wall balls

8 burpees


You get the gist ... We’re going 7 more rounds all the way down to 1 repetition. You can break up the rounds with supersets of core work and abs inbetween. If you feel like it.




More TBL workouts in my book You Beauty! 

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