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Hughesy and Kate do my Water Week

Hughesy and Kate do my Water Week


Want to strip some weight and spring into spring?

Hughesy smashed my 4 minute You Beauty! EMOM workout. You try!

Every Minute On the Minute do:

6 burpees 

4 squats

2 pushups

Rest for the remainder of the minute.

Aim to do the 12 movements as fast as possible to maximise rest. If you are resting more than 20 seconds up the reps to 6 burpees, 8 squats, 4 pushups. A great calorie killer for full body conditioning. Hughsey killed this EMOM with a 7kg mediball! What a legend!

See Hughsey try my workout here. 


Spring into spring like Hughesy and try my WATER WEEK. For one week challenge yourself to only drink water, this means no soft drink, energy drinks, sports drinks, milky coffees, cordial, juice or smoothies. Long blacks and herbal teas are sanctioned but everything else is off the menu. Many of us drink our calories without realising that the energy drink we have every afternoon has more sugar than 3 chocoalte muffins! Drinking calories is one of the biggest fatloss mistakes. My contestants on TBL do a WATER WEEK before I even start cleaning up their diets. Did you know water regulates your appetite and suppresses cravings? Thirst and hunger can feel similar. You are not hungry, your body is sending you in search of food in order to draw out moisture. You ain't hungry, you're just thirsty dude! 

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