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Meet #teamhailwood

Meet #teamhailwood

I am so proud of my #whiteteam. They are a charming, lovable bunch and I can't wait for you to meet them! 




AGE: 26
LIVES: Western Australia
STATUS: In a relationship with Sam
WEIGHT: 191 kgs

After losing his father recently to a heart attack, Cliff has a new perspective on life and is increasingly concerned about his family’s weight and lifestyle.
Working as a chef all day, Cliff rarely has the energy to cook at home, forcing the family to rely on a diet of takeaway food.

Loud, funny, outgoing and confident, Cliff will use his competitive side to drive his weight loss journey so he can be the best parent he can be.


AGE: 26
LIVES: Western Australia
STATUS: In a relationship with Cliff
WEIGHT: 109.3 kgs

Middle sister Sam is very sweet and as loud as her sisters. But behind that sweet and bubbly exterior, Sam worries that her relationship with Cliff is held together by food.

With their unhealthy lifestyle leaving them feeling tired and lazy, they regularly butt heads over who will take their active two-year-old daughter out to play.

Hoping to marry Cliff one day, Sam is desperate to get in shape. But more than anything, she is worried about Cliff’s weight and fears their daughter will be left fatherless.


AGE: 28
LIVES: Western Australia
STATUS: Married
OCCUPATION: Mum and Wife
WEIGHT: 141.7 kgs

Moving from the country to the city as a teenager, Sylvia began dining on takeaway food with friends and quickly gained weight.

Now a mother of three, Sylvia is desperate to lose weight so she will not be an embarrassment to her children. She is also worried about her two younger sisters following in her footsteps and living the same life as her a few years down the track.

Having been warned by doctors that her life may be cut short due to her size, the situation is now grave. It is do or die for this mum of three.



AGE: 24
LIVES: Western Australia
STATUS: Single
WEIGHT: 110.5 kgs

Laidback Kayla, instantly likable and the youngest of the Hailwood sisters, has never felt attractive. Her self-doubt was compounded by a difficult breakup and she turned to food for comfort.

Seemingly confident, Kayla is becoming increasingly reclusive and worries she will look back at her 20s with regret, having missed out on things due to her weight.
Looking for some excitement in life, Kayla is keen to get in shape so she can have a more active lifestyle.

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