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TBL starts Sunday 13th SEP 7:30 on TEN

TBL starts Sunday 13th SEP 7:30 on TEN

This spring I return to TBL as a trainer and I can't wait to be back in the brand new sparkly gyms and fancy Biggest Loser mansion. My team is still white; for strength, harmony and the martial arts spirit. It's a nightmare of a colour to keep clean whilst training but there wasn't a pink alternative as much as I begged the TBL Gods.

I am psyched for you to meet my dream team The Hailwoods! Sylvia, Sam, Cliff and Kayla – they’re a real party! A tough lovable squat with real spirit. I fell in love with them and I bet you’ll think they’re pretty amazeballs too.

Watch my TBL family transform their confidence, health and their lives 7:30 Sunday-Tuesday on TEN. 

P.S I'm back plus we have a new host too! Welcome Fee!!

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