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TIFF 6th Dan blackbelt Master

On the 18th June I passed my 6th Dan black belt grading. 6th Dan is Master level of Taekwondo. The grading was public in front of a panel of judges in Melbourne.


The WTF Taekwondo system is linked to the world Taekwondo HQ Kukkiwon in South Korea. I was processed first in Australia and now wait 6 weeks whilst my application is processed in South Korea. I will then be issued with a 6th Dan international license to carry in my wallet and flash at my husband when he’s procrastinating about the house work.


In Taekwondo, black belt is only the beginning. 1st Dan, the first ranked black belt with one stripe can take you anywhere between 1-2 years to achieve. You then train for life, advancing through the ranks (dan levels) year after year until you reach Master level or Grand Master level. You must train for a number of years on each Dan level and to be recognized internationally by Kukkiwon. You also must be eligible by age.



1st Dan Black Belt 
minimum of one and a half years of training.

2nd Dan Black Belt
 minimum of two years training after 1st dan.

3rd Dan Black Belt
 minimum of three years training after 2nd dan.

4th Dan Black Belt 
Instructor. minimum of four years training after 3rd dan.

5th Dan Black Belt
minimum of five years of continued training after receiving the 4th dan.

THIS IS ME: 6th Dan Black Belt
 Master minimum of six years of continued training after receiving the 5th dan. I had to be 30 years old to qualify.



7th Dan Black Belt
 minimum of seven years of continued training from this moment onward and I will sit this promotion test at Kukkiwon HQ in South Korea.  

My grading consisted of boxing, self defence and defense against weapons such as knife and gun. I performed all the senior poomsae patterns including my 6th Dan pattern Jitae. Sparring, pad work, kick shields, multiple self defence against 4 attackers and step sparring. I also had to break 12 boards. If I missed one board, I didn’t pass. The boards were female standard 12mm. I smashed them all. 

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