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I put on 4.5kg on TBL

Well, there you go. You can't outrun a bad diet. Even the healthiest bodies are not immune to the bad stuff. I reckon the soft drink is what did me. Litres of sugar a day. If you consider your body only needs 1 teaspoon of sugar to survive every 24 hours, it was confronting to chug 500g of sugar a day in liquid lollies (soft drink). Have you ever had the Coke sweats? I have. Didn't know it was a thing until I met the Hailwoods, but apparently it's quite 'normal' for them to sweat from drinking too much sugar. 

My stomach was bloated for days. Acne. Headaches. Constipation. Bad sleep. Low mood. No motivation. Not even Willy Wonka could sugarcoat this truth - junk food, bad fat, sugar makes you put on weight and hurts your health and makes you feel like SH*#. My Before and After shots are pretty full on, right? I hated eating crap all week. But what I hated more was seeing the devastating effects it had on Sylvia, Kayla, Cliff and Sam emotionally, psychologically and physically. The worst news? Their bad eating habits were being handed down to their kids. I can’t wait to show them how awesome healthy feels! If this is the damage their diet inflicted on me in just 5 days – imagine the pain it’s caused the Hailwoods over 20 years! I can’t wait to help them xxTiff

BEFORE - flat stomach and great gut health            AFTER - 5 days later. Zero abs. Gut in allsorts. 

Sylvia was quite upset in the weigh-in. She took her anger and frustrations out in training - where they belong. I'm trying to help my contestants to work through their emotions in training rather than using food as an emtional crutch. 

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